… that is answer two most important questions:

The two most important questions that a translator will ask a Client are: How many and When. To be precise:

How many (pages)?

What is the expected project completion date?


The second question is about the deadline, which is self-explanatory. Translation is a constant job under pressure. Many clients also feel the pressure: their documents need to be ready for conferences, international fair, meetings, and many more important events.

Usually when a Client calls or writes, the translator is doing another translation. You need to take that into consideration while providing documents and demanding Your translation to be done ASAP.


Billing page

What about „How many pages”? Appearances can be misleading. Two pages will never be the same (Times New Roman 12 no indent or Comic Sans 16 double spacing), until we introduce the term of a billing page.

What is a billing page?

  • 1800 signs including spaces,
  • or 250 words.


The translation price is strictly connected with both the number of pages and the deadline. The standard 5 billing pages per day mean a regular rate. Anything above this number means a rate 50% higher.