Specialized translations

  • business translations: correspondence, trading offers, business’s operating activity, marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • financial translations: financial statements, audits, reports, business plans, bank documents;
  • IT translations: software, user’s manuals, IT, webpages, GUI interfaces, telecommunications;
  • arts and sciences translations: history, literature, linguistics, music, sociology, religion;
  • marketing translations: PR and marketing, leaflets, brochures;
  • medical translations: veterinary, pharmaceutical texts (SmPC), clinical trials, scientific papers,
  • legal translations: contracts,
  • technical translations: catalogs, manuals, technical descriptions, projects, norms, diagrams; specialized fields: civil engineering, mechanics, biomechanics;
  • scientific translations: scientific papers for publication, summaries;Each project is treated with the utmost diligence. Accepted assignment is performed effectively, and the texts entrusted for translation bear confidentiality clause every time the client wishes to sign an NDA. If need be we consult specialists in the field.